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Moya Mobile Banking

Use the Moya Mobile App for fast, easy, on-the-go banking.

​There are no new passwords to remember – all account login information is the same as your online banking. The app is compatible with iPhone and Android devices*.

Download today – its’ free!



Browse selected account balances on the go, even before you’ve logged in. Just activate the QuickView feature in the app, and a single tap of the screen will keep you in the know.

Is your phone lost or stolen? You can disable the QuickView feature via online banking. Find it under “Account Services” and “Mobile Banking App”.

  1. Open the app on your smartphone.
  2. Select the “Settings” icon.
  3. From the list of options, select “Account Preferences.”
  4. Check off “QuickView”.
  5. Save your preferences.

Deposit Anywhere™

Deposit Anywhere is a free service and just as secure as physical cheque cashing. Plus, it’s fast. Most people complete their deposit in less than a minute and can do it from anywhere and at any time, day or night.

  1. Open the app on your smartphone.
  2. Select the “Deposit” icon.
  3. Enter the required fields.
  4. Snap a photo of the front and back of your cheque.
  5. Confirm the details.
  6. Send. That’s it.

Once you’ve deposited your cheque, you can throw it out after 30 days. It’s safe to do so as the cheque will have been completely processed with any and all queries settled by that time. Don’t worry if you make a mistake, as we’ll double-check everything.

Kindly be advised that Deposit Anywhere™ is exclusively compatible with Canadian dollar cheques.

The limits for Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) are the following:

  • RDC Single Deposit Amount: $5,000 (can be up to $20,000)
  • RDC Deposit Daily (24 hours) Amount: $5,000 (can be up to $20,000)
  • RDC Deposit Weekly (7 days) Amount: $10,000 (can be up to $60,000)
  • RDC Deposit Monthly (30 days) Amount: $20,000 (can be up to $100,000)

To increase your deposit limits, please give us a call.

Touch + Face ID for iOS

Have quick access to your accounts using the fingerprint or face scan already set up on your iPhone. Use it to go directly to transfers, bill payment, or Mobile Deposit from your home screen.

  1. Open the app on your smartphone.
  2. Select the “Settings” icon.
  3. From the list of options, select “Biometric Setup.”
  4. Select the “Accept” button.

Same Features as Online Banking

Pay bills, transfer money between accounts, manage scheduled payments and transfers, send or receive an Interac® e-Transfer – whatever transactions you perform through online banking can also be done through our app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not. The Moya Mobile is free for our members to download, and you will never be charged for using the app. However, since the mobile app uses data, your carrier may charge, so standard data and messaging rates may apply.

The Moya Mobile App can be downloaded in just three easy steps:

  1. Using your device, search for “Moya Mobile” in the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Select the app icon and verify that the author of the app is Moya Financial.
  3. Tap the icon marked “Free”, then tap again when it changes to “Install”.
For Blackberry devices, you can use the Mobile Web. You can check your account balances, view transaction history, pay bills, and transfer funds. To use Mobile Web, you must first register through our Online Banking service. Access your accounts via Blackberry devices here.

The unique QuickView feature displays the balances of your selected accounts at any time the app is open, without needing to login first.

The default setting of the QuickView feature is “Off”. You can turn on QuickView under Settings / Preferences on the mobile app.

Yes. Just enter your account details as you normally would.

No. Since the authenticity of the app is already verified by Apple and Google, you won’t have to go through this step to access your accounts and start banking.

Your account can only be accessed by entering your personal access code. However, if you’ve activated the QuickView feature, your account balances will be visible. For additional security, we recommend you keep your iPhone password protected. Please note: at any time, you can stop the mobile app from accessing your account information by un-pairing it on our banking website.

As a rule, you should contact your mobile carrier right away to deactivate your phone. You may also change your personal access by contacting us.

Yes. You can continue to bank using our full-featured mobile site here.

Removing the app is as easy as tapping and holding your finger down on the Moya Mobile icon, then tapping the “X” in the top right corner.

If you would like more information, please call or visit us and speak with one of our Member Service Representatives.

Did you know we also offer free
Interac e-Transfers?

It’s now easier than ever to send and receive money.

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