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Personal Account Rates

No-fee Chequing Account 0.00%
Savings Account 1.40%
Daily Interest Savings Account 0.15%
Youth Savings Account 1.40%
US Dollar Account 0.01%
RRSP/RRIF (Variable) 1.40%
TFSA (Variable) 1.40%


Business Account Rates

Business Chequing Account 0.00%
Business Savings Account 1.40%

Term Deposits (Non-redeemable)

1-Year 4.20%
1-Year Promotional Rate 4.65%¹
2-Year 4.20%
2-Year Promotional Rate 4.70%¹
3-Year 4.30%
4-Year 4.40%
5-Year 4.70%
5-Year Promotional Rate 5.00%¹
¹Rate available on new funds transferred from another financial institution.


Term Deposits (Redeemable)

1-Year 2.60%
1-Year Promotional Rate 3.00%¹
​¹Rate available on new funds transferred from another financial institution.


Growing Rate Term Deposit (Non-redeemable)²

1-Year 3.85%
2-Year 4.00%
3-Year 4.40%
4-Year 5.75%
5-Year 6.75%
Effective Yield 4.95%
²Not redeemable before maturity, but with an option to redeem on 3-year anniversary.


Growing Rate Term Deposit (Redeemable)³

1-Year 2.00%
2-Year 2.50%
3-Year 3.00%
4-Year 4.50%
5-Year 6.00%
Effective Yield 3.60%
³Option to redeem every year on the deposit anniversary.

Moya Prime Rate



Residential Mortgage Rates

1-Year (Open, starting at) 6.55%
5-Year (Open, starting at) 6.55%
1-Year (Closed, starting at) 5.80%
2-Year (Closed, starting at) 5.85%
3-Year (Closed, starting at) 5.90%
4-Year (Closed, starting at) 5.95%
5-Year (Closed, starting at) 6.00%


Variable Mortgage Products

Variable Rate (Open, starting at) Prime + 0.55%
Variable Rate (Closed, starting at) Prime + 0.25%
Construction Mortgage (starting at) Prime + 3.30%


Commercial Loans

Commercial Loans (starting at) 6.80%


Personal Loans

Student Financing (starting at) Prime + 1.00%
Overdraft Protection 19.50%
Unauthorized Overdrafts 24.50%
Line of Credit (Secured, starting at) Prime + 1.00%
Line of Credit (Unsecured, starting at) Prime + 3.25%
Personal Loans (starting at) Prime + 3.25%
Vehicle Financing (Variable, starting at) Prime + 1.00%
Bridge Loan (starting at) Prime + 2.30%
MeritLine (HELOC) (starting at) Prime + 1.00%


Sometimes your needs don’t match our standard product and service offerings. If that’s the case, you’re sure to find the right fit when you explore our Service Support Rates for additional options and rates.


Between rising interest rates, a slightly rocky housing market, and some weak economic indicators south of the border, Canada could be at risk of entering a recession in the not-too distant future, according to some financial forecasters.

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