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​Moya wins awards for event and direct marketing excellence!

The Achievement in Marketing Excellence (AIME) Awards showcase the most impressive, effective, and creative marketing and communications campaigns seen in the credit union system. We are honored to be placed among a group of innovative, talented credit unions who put forth their best work and to be recognized for our efforts.

Moya Financial is the proud recipient of the 2020 Canadian Credit Union Association (CCUA) AIME Awards for Event Marketing and Direct Marketing.

Excellence in Event Marketing: Moya on the Move

You may remember seeing our bright orange tent making it’s way from picnic to picnic during the summer of 2019.

The Moya on the Move event campaign was conceived as outreach into the Slovenian community and as a multimedia marketing strategy. Moya was present at 12 events during the Slovenian festival season, including six major events where event ambassador Sasa Recnik and senior Moya leadership met existing and prospective members. We transformed a casual series of visits to a multimedia campaign with activations that had measured outcomes.

We reached an organic audience of 16,000 through event visits and a digital campaign. A total of 108 hours were spent at these events. These results are huge for our small credit union! The feedback from existing members who stopped by and said hello was uniformly positive: “thank you for supporting Slovenian culture and families, and wow, a lot has happened in the past years since the launch of the new brand. I should know more about Moya and the new products and services.”

For members of the community who were not Moya clients, awareness and increased consideration stemmed from our support of these community events, but more importantly, from Moya’s new branding and website, social media, competitive product offerings, and online capabilities comparable to the big financial institutions.

Excellence in Direct Marketing: Invest Smart, Eat Well

To increase deposits and engagement with existing Moya Financial members, we created the Invest Smart, Eat Well campaign. It had direct marketing at its core, with online, social media, and in-branch supportive marketing. The campaign, which ran over the spring and summer of 2019, was the most successful campaign in Moya Financial history, exceeding expectations by over 40%. We matched a great product offer with on-target creative, a powerful combination with our core members.

Product Offer

Our product offer was for an 18-month registered product that would earn 2.70%. Minimum deposit was $5,000. Moya would pay any fees involved to move a minimum of $10,000 from another financial institution for this offer. Members would receive a $50 gift card from our local Farm Boy grocery store (located right beside the main branch) as an incentive for the minimum contribution.


The campaign would roll out in two waves. Wave one would be a direct, exclusive offer to the 350+ members who attended the Moya Annual General Meeting in April via direct mail and outbound phone calls. The second wave would launch 30 days later to all members via online messaging, email, in-branch and summer event collateral, social media, and the Moya Financial newsletter.

For many of the members who took advantage of the offer, it can be said that while they had funds with Moya, they had not considered the fact that we also offer competitive rates for registered investment products. As well, they appreciated the direct reach coming from CEO Tony Krosel and the follow-up phone call.

The success of this campaign is unprecedented at Moya. It was a comprehensive marketing campaign using multiple media – from the benefits of direct marketing to the leverage of a campaign that resonated with social values. It was easy for members to understand, it was robust but simple to execute for the marketing team, and it was easy to deliver at the branch level. It provides a powerful example of how executing a marketing campaign with the right offer and the right creative, targeted to the right customer segment, can yield huge results even for a financial institution of Moya’s small size.

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