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Moya donates $4,000 to Dom Lipa!

Moya Financial is committed to giving back. When members grow their business with us, we can increase our contribution to our community.

As a result of our RRSP promotion which ran from January 15 to March 1, we were able to donate $4,000 to Dom Lipa!

We’d like to thank our members who contributed:

  • Angela Kovac
  • Bernadette Cove
  • Bernadette Muc
  • Branko Vrbanek
  • Greg Dolenc
  • Irene Sorsak
  • Jay Cesnik
  • Mark Jareb
  • Mary Ann Lavrisa
  • Mayda Arvaj
  • Miriam Ferkul
  • Sabine De Rose

Our great community, made stronger together!

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