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Moya Announces 4% Dividends!

For a third year in a row, a 4% dividend will be paid on membership and patronage shares based on share balances as of December 31, 2020. Members will notice a payment in 2021 into their new Patronage Capital Share account.

For more information about the dividend or about membership shares, please call or visit our branch or learn more  here.

Good to know

A Patronage Capital Share Account is a new account that Moya opens on the member’s behalf. It accumulates:

  • Dividends paid on membership share account
  • Dividends paid on the patronage share account
  • Patronage distributions

Your new Patronage Capital Shares remain in your account for a minimum of 5 years and are partially redeemable at 10% per year. They are fully redeemable if you ever had to leave Moya.

The dividend payment is one component of Moya’s planned strategy to build our Regulatory Capital and to strengthen our financial position. This dividend payment is counted as part of our Regulatory Capital.

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