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New, renew, refinance or transfer? Moya Financial has you covered.

Home ownership will be the single largest purchase that anyone will make and most people will need to get a mortgage. So, it’s wise to shop carefully. When it comes to arranging the best possible mortgage package, you can count on Moya Financial. Each mortgage is custom-tailored to meet your specific situation and needs and offers flexible terms, rates, and repayment schedules. We also support the purchase of second homes and vacation homes.


Seamless mortgage solutions for your perfect home.

A mortgage is an investment in your future, providing you with the means to own a home and build equity over time. Our range of mortgage options allows you to choose the right fit for your financial goals.

  • Financing is available for up to 95% of a primary residence’s purchase price/appraised value at competitive rates.
  • Flexible (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) payment schedules offered on terms up to five years.
  • Open or closed, fixed or variable rate mortgages available.
  • Statements delivered annually.²


Build a faithful foundation towards homeownership.

Moya Financial in partnership with AYA Financial offers Shariah Compliant Mortgages. The product is designed to help Muslims purchase property without the need for a traditional interest-bearing loan. The Mortgage is based on the “declining balance” concept of financing in compliance with Islamic Law (Shariah). We’ve partnered with AYA Financial on our Moya Home Financing Program.

  • Financing is available for up to 95% of a primary residence’s purchase price/appraised value.
  • Flexible (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) payment schedules offered on terms up to five years.
  • Open or closed, fixed rate mortgages available.
  • Statements delivered annually.²
AYA Financial Inc. (AF) has been established to provide alternative financial services and solutions to the Canadian public based on socially responsible concepts of justice and equity to all stakeholders.
¹May be subject to additional terms and conditions. We reserve the right to amend our product offerings at any time.
²Moya in an effort to be environmentally friendly is offering its Annual Mortgage Statements on request via email or regular mail. Please contact our offices to make your request or for further information.
Pre-Approved Mortgages

Take the worry out of your home shopping experience by getting a mortgage pre-approval from Moya Financial. During this process, we calculate how much you can afford to borrow based on the information that you provide, lock in your rate for 30 days, and estimate your mortgage payments for you. The pre-approval amount will be the maximum amount of mortgage financing that you may get. The amount you can actually receive will depend on the amount of your down payment and the home’s appraised value. Once you’re pre-approved and know your home shopping price range, it should be simple to find and secure the right home. Following an accepted offer, a satisfactory property appraisal is all that is needed to complete the transaction.


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Take Control of Your Mortgage Payments

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, looking to refinance, or simply want to plan your financial future, our user-friendly Mortgage Calculator* is here to assist you. Take charge and make confident decisions by calculating your payments with ease.

Please call our Lending Services and speak to a Credit Specialist if you’d like more information.

Finding the right home takes time and effort. Finding the right mortgage doesn't.

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