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​The Benefits of Going Paperless with e-Statements

Small choices can sometimes have a big impact, so consider doing something simple to help protect the planet by going paperless with your bills and statements.

Saving paper and reducing pollution are certainly noble, but the environment isn’t the only good reason to choose e-statements instead of printed copies. Here’s a closer look at some of the benefits of going paperless.

Turn piles into files

Cut the clutter in your home by choosing e-statements and converting paper into pixels. No more piles of statements in your home, or possibly getting lost, misplaced or damaged. Plus, no need to shred sensitive documents if you dispose of them down the line.

Most businesses and institutions store a history of your e-statements, usually six to 18 months worth, that you can access through your online account. If you’d like to keep copies of all your records, simply download a PDF of each statement as it arrives, and store it somewhere safe. Mark your files and folders clearly for easy reference and remember to back them up every now and then.

Get access whenever and wherever you are

If you’re out of town, or just out and about, e-statements provide a convenient way to stay on top of things on your own schedule. No need to find the right piece of paper in a desk or filing cabinet when you can call it up on your screen with just a few clicks. Plus, rather than waiting for new statements to arrive in the mail, you’ll be able to access all the information as soon as it’s posted. You can also choose to receive notifications to help keep you on top of things.

Find information more quickly

At some institutions, e-statements are searchable, helping you track down specific charges or records with ease. Searches can typically be filtered by time period, transaction type, or other criteria, meaning you find what you’re looking for fast, without having to dig through stacks of paper statements.

Get rewarded

Businesses save money in printing, mailing, and marketing costs when customers choose e-statements instead of paper. To show their gratitude, some will offer perks or potential rewards to those who make the switch. Whether it’s a cash rebate or a free gift, there might be an added bonus to going paperless.

Increased security

Statements mailed to your home could be stolen from your mailbox or recycling bin, and the personal information they contain could be used for fraud or identity theft. Even shredding paper statements isn’t always enough to stop some crooks, who’ll try to piece them back together and reveal your information.

With e-statements, the only way to access the files stored on a secure website is by entering your login and password information. Remember to change your password regularly, and keep sensitive login information in a safe place. Take care not to expose any statements you download – store them somewhere safe.

Green for good

Give the environment a helping hand by reducing paper use and curbing pollution. Some businesses and institutions even make a small donation to an environmental charity or green cause on behalf of every customer who makes the switch from paper to e-statements.

Remember to read e-statements carefully

Many of us tend to scan documents we read on screens, and don’t look as closely and carefully as we do at paper files. If you choose to receive e-statements from your financial institution, or any business, read them carefully and ensure all charges are accurate. If something doesn’t look right, it’s perfectly acceptable to print a copy of the statement so you’ve got a paper record to refer to later.

Find out how to view your e-Statements.

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