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Summer is coming. Time to plan your vacation.

The way wintry weather has been lingering it might be hard to believe that summer is just weeks away, so now is the time to get serious about planning your summer vacation.

Timing is Everything

Once you have decided where you will be going the most important decision is when. It is important to pick dates that will give you enough time to make all the necessary arrangements. For example, it can take 20 days or more to receive a passport if you are applying by mail.

You also want to give yourself enough time to enjoy your destination once you get there.

Build a Travel Budget

There can be a lot to consider when planning a vacation, especially if it involves travel to another country. Cost is always a key factor. Having a thorough and realistic budget is the cornerstone of a well-planned trip.

Things to Budget for:

  • Transportation: Airfare, train fares, car rental and fuel, taxis and buses
  • Accommodation: Hotels/motels, guest houses/B&Bs, online rentals, camping
  • Meals: Restaurants, food carts, cooking for yourself

There are dozens of websites that provide a wealth of information on these topics and they will help you create a practical, vacation budget.

Popular Travel Websites:

Paying for Your Trip

Once you know your costs you can decide how you will pay for your vacation. Putting aside a set amount of money every payday is a proven way to build a holiday fund. Moya Financial can set-up an automatic transfer that will move money from your everyday account to a dedicated savings account. You do not have to do a thing and most people do not notice that the money is being set aside.

Credit cards can be helpful. Moya Financial offers a full range of Visa travel reward and cash-back cards that allow you to contribute to vacation plans just by making your usual purchases.

Another useful tool for vacation planning is a Personal Line of Credit (PLC). It can be a no-fee way to cover unexpected or emergency expenses while you are travelling, and offers far lower costs than credit card cash advances. You could use a line of credit to fund your vacation. A PLC offers easier repayment terms and lower interest rates than credit cards or a personal loan. Moya Financial offers a range of personal credit options.

Bon Voyage!

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