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Moya Celebrates International Credit Union Day

October 19th is International Credit Union Day, which has been celebrated on the third Thursday of October since 1948. In 2023, we commemorate the remarkable 75th anniversary of this celebration, presenting us with a chance to recognize the dedicated work of credit union staff and to join in the festivities with members from around the globe.

Here are a just a few reasons why International Credit Union Day is important to us here at Moya Financial:

Why we celebrate

International Credit Union Day celebrates the global impact credit unions have had throughout history. At Moya Financial, our credit history roots are embedded in our strong and loyal membership base, spanning over six decades. Given the many hardships Canadians have had to face this year alone, we also celebrate our members who’ve allowed us to be there for them as financial partners.

The advantages of credit unions

Credit unions are a type of financial co-operative that operates as a not-for-profit organization. Unlike big banks, credit unions are member-owned and focused. When you bank with Moya Financial, you’re not only a member but your first deposit qualifies you as part-owner, allowing you to directly participate in our mutual financial success. For the past 75 years, International Credit Union Day has recognized the positive impact credit unions have had in providing financial empowerment, education, and community support. As a credit union, we are committed to delivering innovative and competitive financial services that are tailored to our members’ needs and goals.

Our sense of community

The success of credit unions is largely based on the relationship between its members and the community. At Moya Financial, we put our money where our members are, which is why we’ve committed to giving 4% of our net profits back into the community. Proudly serving members of the Southern Ontario Slovenian Community and beyond since 2016, we believe that actively supporting our members will help strengthen the fabric of our society. Here are some of the ways we give back:

Banking for the future

This International Credit Union Day not only celebrates the achievements of credit unions but highlights the importance of community involvement and fostering strong relationships with members. Here at Moya Financial, we aim to contribute to a brighter financial future for our members by offering a competitive range of banking and account solutions. To learn more, contact us today!

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