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How Modern Banking Makes Life Easier

Though technology has a big impact on our everyday lives, it might seem that banking has changed little over the years. But technology – and listening to our members’ needs – has contributed to many improvements at Moya Financial. Today’s banking experience is completely different than banking 10 years ago. Let’s look at just three ways modern banking services make our lives easier.

Faster, easier payments.

Some of us will recall paying our bills at the bank branch or by mailing cheques. Bill payments have been greatly simplified with the arrival of online banking. Many businesses and service providers now send electronic invoices, which we can then pay instantly online. Even paper bills you may still receive can be paid simply with a few clicks or by tapping the screen of your mobile device.

MemberDirect® online banking
You can set up recurring bill payments in advance, schedule a payment for a later date, or pay several bills at once. Have a business? You can remit payments to the CRA through your online banking page.

Moya Mobile App
Schedule bill payments, manage payees, transfer funds – whatever transactions you perform through online banking can also be done through our app, wherever you are.

Interac e-Transfer®
For other types of payments, you can forget about writing cheques, running to the ATM, or paying fees for bank drafts. Interac e-Transfer® is a secure, quick, and free way to send money to people.

Moya offers all the banking services and tools for members to pay bills quickly and easily. Visit a branch or call 416-255-1742 – we’d be happy to help you set up online bill payments.

Card convenience.

Thick wallets stuffed with banknotes and pockets full of coins are things of the past. You no longer need to worry about having enough cash for your everyday expenses. With payment cards, you have access to your money everywhere.

Debit and credit cards have undergone a revolution too, from cards with magnetic strips, through chip cards, to contactless cards. Gone are the days of signing and keeping track of credit card slips. Now you can pay just by tapping! No matter how you use them, the convenience of payment cards has won us over.

For those times when you do want cash, it’s always at hand through Moya’s wide network of ATMs. Your MemberCard® debit card allows you surcharge-free withdrawals and deposits at over 4,500 locations coast to coast – that’s a network bigger than most banks.

Better control of your money.

Before online banking, you mostly had to remember how much money you had. Most of us knew roughly how much we had in our bank accounts; the most organized among us kept records, balanced our chequebooks, updated our little passbooks at the branch, and checked our paper statements.

But between visits and statements, your balance could change a lot. Some of us recall the embarrassment of bouncing a cheque. Today, you can check your balance online anytime, anywhere. You can always be on top of your deposits, transactions, pending payments, card limits, and more.

Moya Financial offers many services that enable better control of your money:

  • Alerts – choose from a variety of alerts you can personalize to meet your needs, so you stay informed. Receive alerts by email or text anytime, anywhere.
  • Search account activity – find transactions quickly and easily by filtering the type and date range.
  • Stop cheques – stop payment on a single cheque or a range of cheques.

Explore our website and discover how banking has changed for the better. Of course, you can still visit us in-branch too – we’d be happy to tell you about what’s new in the banking world.

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