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Five Ways Students Can Earn Money this Summer

Whether you’re already in college or university, or just finishing up high school, most students have one thing in common: they’re looking for ways to earn some money.

Whether it’s to pay for books and tuition, or they just want extra cash for fun nights out with friends, students of all ages are looking for earning opportunities this summer.

Not every student ends up with the kind of perfect summer job they’re looking for. If you can’t find work in your preferred field, or you’re just looking for a way to supplement the income from the job you’ve already got, here are five ways for students to try and earn some money this summer.

Sell a service

Got something you’re good at, or enjoy doing, that others might benefit from? If you can figure out a way to sell your talents as a service to other people, you might just have a hot side hustle on your hands. Whether it’s a traditional service such as cooking, gardening, or carpentry, a more modern skill like computer expertise, or something completely different, your skills and talents (and, ideally, interests) can be harnessed into income-earning opportunities.

Work as a tutor or teacher

A variation on the selling-a-service idea is to find a job teaching people something, whether it’s guitar or piano lessons, language skills, or working as a tutor to help students advance in a range of subjects. If you’re strong in a particular field, or have skills that other people want to learn, tutoring and teaching can be a rewarding experience, both financially and personally. Advertise your teaching skills to parents in your neighbourhood, whether it’s through a local school, church, or community centre.

Organize a trip

Setting up and selling a summer travel experience is a great way to earn income and have some fun at the same time, all while gaining invaluable experience in organization. You take on the work of booking travel, accommodation, transportation, excursions, and so on, in exchange for a fee that you charge to all your travellers. Then, after all the spots have been sold and the travel booked, you get to accompany your clients on their summer holiday, giving you the chance to see and experience a new destination. If you choose this route, don’t forget to factor the cost of insurance into your fee — you’ll want some coverage in case the trip runs into any difficulties.

Get a gig job

If you don’t want to be stuck inside an office all summer and like the idea of an employment opportunity that gets you moving around, maybe there’s a gig job that can help you hit the streets. Whether you’re delivering parcels and packages, ferrying people around for a ride-share service, or walking dogs in the local park, a gig job can be a great way for students to fit work into their (generally) flexible schedules, taking on assignments at times when other people might not want to work or simply aren’t available.

Take part in surveys and focus groups

Everybody has an opinion, but not everybody gets paid to share it. Those who do earn extra income by participating in focus groups and surveys, sometimes over the internet. The ratio of dollars earned to time spent is often high, with some surveys paying around $50 for between 45 and 60 minutes of questions. Sign up online, or with any market research companies in your area.

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